"The Science Fiction Fantasy Magical Historical Futuristic Comedy Mega-Adventure. It's rather strange...but very good"

This game was written by Tony after he had read "A Stainless Steel Rat Is Born" by Harry Harrison. In the book, Jim DiGriz, the Stainless Steel Rat of the title, is sold into slavery after illegally catching a ride on a space freighter with his mentor, The Bishop. Jim has to work his way up the planet's feudal system to try and escape from the planet.

Tony took the idea of being shipwrecked (spaceshipwrecked?) on a planet with a feudal system but added some of his own bizarre twists to the plot. This was a very difficult game and had some innovative features such as a night/day cycle, the need to take regular meals etc. In fact, a lot of the features that are found in some RPGs.

This was originally published as a Heyley Software game, but after Robico published "Rise in Crime", he imported the game data into the Archimedes system we had built and designed some graphics for it. He also built a BBC version in the Robico style and they published that version too.

Download Stranded!

BBC version (Heyley version)
BBC Version (Robico version)
Archimedes version (Robico version)
Stranded! Hint Sheet (PDF - requires Acrobat Reader V4 or later)

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